Monday, January 4, 2010


It’s a new dawn on planet earth – Another new beginning
A new chapter – It’s a new year! A new decade!

It’s a new day to forget the unpleasant moments of the past year
A new year to cherish the beautiful memories of yesterday

It’s a new year full of undiscovered possibilities
A year to look forward to fresh things
A bright new year to start new things – to conceive new thoughts – to think differently
A year to find better ways of doing things
A year to create new paths – to chart new a course
A new year to achieve new excellent results
A year to dare to improve on old accomplishments and records
A year to follow a different route – to pursue your dreams and visions from a new direction
A new year to make brilliant new discoveries

It’s a new year to be united in Christ’s love and peace
It’s a brand-new year and the blossoming of a new day
Who knows what the year holds?
Perhaps the world will change us
Perhaps we would change the world

It’s the morning of another year on planet earth
What positive contributions would you make?
How would you make our planet better?

It’s the first light of a new year
What problems are we going to solve for the planet?
There are big problems waiting for solutions
Find them!
There are drowning lives out there, waiting to be saved
Find them!

Today is the start of a new journey - a fresh day in a new year
A year to extend the hand of love and help to those who are reaching, searching and trying to hang on
It’s a wonderful year to share kindness
A year that we can all bring smiles and sunshine to lives – less privilege

Hurray!!! Hurray!!! Hurray!!!
We have just opened the door of a new year
We have stepped into another decade – year 2010

It’s a splendid year in which every one can make a difference – bring peace, positive change, inspiration and hope to our communities

It’s a sparkling new year to inspire and change the world

Don’t you think so?